Seth Greenberg

A lifetime obsession.

When Seth Greenberg was 10 years old he frequently stopped to "help" at his father's bakery on his way home from school. "I'm not sure how helpful I was," Seth laughs, "but I'm just as excited about baking today, as I was back then."

William Greenberg Jr. Desserts, was known to many a New Yorker for decades as the go-to place for special event cakes, classic cookies, brownies, and of course - schnecken. What's schnecken? A delightfully gooey mini pecan cinnamon roll best eaten warm. Seth's is different from his dad's and according to William's wife Carol, "William, yours were never this good!" And a mother would know, right?

Some of those "old-school" childhood favorites can be found on Palmer Ave - like the Crown Cake, four layers of dark chocolate with whipped cream between each; cinnamon crumb coffee cake, and chocolate cake - two layers of dark chocolate cake covered in smooth shiny fudge. 

We're excited to try new items from Seth Greenberg such as pot de crème; seasonal fruit pies, and, what are quickly becoming his own brand of iconic cake - Seth's line of "bursts." A sponge cake with a center circle of lemon curd, or chocolate mousse, or honey apple at Rosh Hashanah, and pumpkin at Thanksgiving. 

"I came up with a charoset burst cake for Passover that was very popular. Customers are already asking if I'm going to make it again." What's the answer? Greenberg slyly smiled and said, "if you want to make sure you get a charoset cake for Passover you should place an order. The sooner the better." He laughs, "I learned that from my dad, too."

Seth Greenberg’s Just Desserts is open Wednesday through Friday, 11:00 am – 5:30 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Holiday menus available - please check our website

Handcrafted Goods

 Greenberg chose Larchmont for his flagship location because, "There's a discerning clientele here that shares my baking aesthetic. I learned my trade at an old-school New York bakery, trained by my dad and some of the best bakers in the city. I have a fundamental commitment to quality, beginning with the best ingredients. My customers appreciate that."

Having started his own baked goods business at farmers markets in Larchmont, Scarsdale, and Rye, Greenberg says customers can, "taste the value," in using Hudson Valley butter, heavy cream and free-range eggs, apples from local orchards; and organic sugar.

From Our Kitchen, To Your Home

Seth Greenberg's Just Desserts opened its doors September 27th at 1887 Palmer Avenue in the heart of Larchmont's vibrant downtown where Seth will be baking his versions of some old favorites, and many new items all his own. 

Seth Greenberg has been featured in The New York Times, The Daily News, as well as at the American Craft Museum. His ”icing on the cake” highlights include baking President Bill Clinton’s 50th birthday cake, assembled live on the Today Show, and teaching Martha Stewart to bake on her program. "I've gotten some press over the years, it's true. But the baking is why people come here."